Marrying Styles When Decorating

A common debate that comes up with couples when decorating their home… is we have different styles how do we mix them together? I find it isn’t style, and it is more about what each person wants to have in the space. My solution is something  I like to call storytelling decorating. While I am not a relationship counselor, I am serving as a negotiator for having a happy family home.

Storytelling Decorating – This is where I will find rooms to showcase things that have meaning to both of them. I can create a family story with photos and collectibles from their travels. Sometimes I divide rooms up, “Office for one” and “Bedroom for the other” so that each person has a special space, and the rest of the home is about telling the story of their family throughout the house.

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Pillow Fight – One person wants pillows, lots of them, and the other wants one. In your bedroom, you will make up the bed if you want decorative pillows (my solution with my husband). In the family room, your chair will go without the pillow, and the pillow lover will have them—a simple compromise.

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Color War – What to paint? You want bold – but your partner wants minimal. Keep the walls neutral and add bold elements with art and accessories. It is also easy to switch out colors more often.

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The Comfy Chair – Instead of disagreeing about a chair, focus on its function in the space.  Does he want a comfy chair to watch TV and she wants a pretty sofa? Layout how you want the furniture to function first, and then look at the style of arms and backs to make sure they are cohesive. Their so many leather chairs out there now that don’t have to look like the Superbowl party man chair. They have electric remotes and very comfortable cushion choices that still fit in the style of what she was wanting. This is often the case when I decorate spaces. They just want something comfortable for them in the room.

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Happy Decorating!  Karen


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