Interior design with your family in mind


 We design spaces that are custom made for your family, feel inviting, and stand up to real living.

You Don’t Have To Compromise Beautiful Design
To Be Family-Friendly

I know that you want to be proud of your home and feel completely comfortable. To really be happy, you need to love not only the individual furnishings but also how everything comes together. The reality is that having children makes life messy which makes you feel like you have to wait until they grow up to have that dream home.

Can you imagine your kids growing up in a beautiful home that holds up to real life? Can you picture having friends and family over and not stressing about how your house looks?

You can have a home that truly makes you happy!

Family-Friendly Promise

  • Stress-Free Process
    Relax and have fun transforming your home.

  • Family Approved
    Furnishings that stand up to life’s little messes.


  • Thoughtful Design
    Blending function with style and beauty with practicality.

Let’s Transform Your Home

Interior Design

Want to relax and enjoy a stress-free process of designing your home?

Complete Interior Design Services takes care of all the details working with you from start to finish. This service works with a single room, multiple rooms, or a full home project.

Designed For You

Need a design consultant assisting you with your home project?

A “Room Designed for You” works with you to create a personalized comprehensive design and consults with you as you work through the details to complete your design.

Karen Davis sitting at table with laptop

In A Day

Are you wanting help with planning a design for your space?

Marker Girl's Room In A Day offers professional design solutions to your biggest decorating challenges and gives you a Master Plan you can use to shop on your own.


Marker Girl?

Hi, I'm Karen Davis, the Houston based Interior Designer Behind Marker Girl. People ask me all of the time, "Why Marker Girl?"

Stress Ruled My Household

I understand how it feels to want nice pieces of furniture but know it’s not ideal because of the sticky hands and spills left behind when raising children. In fact, I used to close off areas of my house to preserve the furnishings I had carefully selected so that my children wouldn’t mess them up.

Defining Moment

But when my daughter took a permanent marker to our furniture, I knew there had to be another way! It was then I created my Marker Girl philosophy by celebrating a family-friendly way of living, that allows my clients to express their personal style in the design of their homes without compromising the beautiful details they desire.