Meet Karen Davis

The Interior Designer Behind Marker Girl!


Everything I do is centered by who I am as a mother. My Marker Girl philosophy inspires clients to celebrate a family-friendly way of living and encourages them to express their own personal style in the design of their homes.

I will find the best solutions for your family home that will stand up to real-life living.

There are so many great options out there that can allow kids to be in a beautifully well-designed room. I’ll work with you to blend stylish furnishings and décor with functional fabrics and durable finishes, creating spaces that truly reflect your personality so you feel happy and at home.


My Marker Girl Story

Growing up in New Orleans, I developed my passion for creativity and interior design. More importantly, I discovered that a true feeling of “home” comes from the family that lives within it.

Shortly after marrying my husband, we were transferred to Paris, France. It was there I took the opportunity to study interior design and where I truly found my creative passion for interior design.

After moving back to Houston I started my own business and my family too, dreaming of white sofas made of velvet and silk drapery hanging on the wall. But one day when my daughter was a  toddler, I had that “mommy feeling” that something was up because it was too quiet. I walked into my living room and found my daughter doing some decorating of her own – drawing with a  black Sharpie on herself and on the furniture!

My daughter’s marker “art” was a defining moment. It was then, I reinvented my business to reflect a Marker Girl way of living. It birthed a passion for sourcing family-friendly furnishings that stands up to real-life living. For 15 years I’ve helped families just like yours design a  cohesive, durable home their whole family loves to live in.

Let’s make your house

 feel like home.