How To Conquer Accessory Clutter

While you are doing some spring cleaning, you may want to see if your room needs an accessory clean up or refresh. Are you guilty of buying too many accessories or seem to buy things that just don’t work only to take them back?

Here are my 5 quick tips to conquer what I call accessory clutter and create a room that showcases your accessories not warehouses them.

Know What You Have
Take an inventory of what you have. By really knowing will help you start sorting through the accessories.

Target – Studio McGee

Avoid House Envy
Just because it looks good in someone else’s home doesn’t always mean it will look good in yours. Always plan ahead before buying something, and ask yourself whether you really need it and where it will go before buying it. It has to have a place. By planning this way your space looks pulled together and not cluttered.

WS Home

Stay True to Your Style
Your love for the latest trend or style isn’t always the best decision-maker. Consider what you want as an overall look. Use images from magazines or all of those pins you have for looks you like for guidance to see if it will work with your current furnishings and colors. Create a pinboard of styling ideas you like and use them as a guide. 

Marker Girl

Place and Purge
You are not allowed to purchase anything until you do this. A great system to purge and place is to start with artwork first – taking not of pieces you may want to replace noting the sizes, then filling in what goes well with that piece in the room. I like to go in this order – walls art first, move to bookcases taking each shelf at a time, mantles, and then tables. Place items you are not using in a separate room, so it won’t distract you from finishing the overall design.

Marker Girl

Share Your Overabundance
Don’t hold onto items not used either donate or sell them to have a complete accessory clutter-free home.

share your toys
Etsy – sariko designs

Happy Decorating! Karen

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