Kid’s Ideal School Work Storage Solutions

We are almost to the end of my back to school 6-week challenge. I am resharing the 6-week challenge that I posted last year. 

I am adding a slightly different version for week 5. Since everyone is having to do more at home with their kids now. I wanted to share some of my own ideas for storing all of those school papers with my favorite finds this week.

Artwork – First is all the artwork what to do with it. This is a subject that is bittersweet for me, my daughter and son asked to take down their old artwork in the Gameroom a couple of years ago. We have a few of their own artwork favorites now stored in portfolios for keepsakes. The artwork has been replaced with our own Marker Girl Prints.

Stay tuned next week for our final 6-week challenges blog post. The Evolution of our Game Room. I can’t wait to share it with you. Here is the before to show how I displayed their artwork throughout the Gameroom.

I work with young families all of the time and they are always trying to figure out how to showcase their kid’s artwork without it being on the fridge. So here is a popular older post I made when I was working on our own artwork gallery and how we did it. With a bonus tip I got from a client’s home I am just finishing up. 

“The Back to School Plan”! Like many kids, mine have brought home a lot of artwork from school and camp over the years. We just went through their’s last summer and kept only favorites. It is a priceless piece of art if you ask me that your family will enjoy and take pride in for years to come.  

Check out the post 5 steps today on how I created a “Kids Art Gallery” in my own home. 


kids artwork gallery Marker Girl

School Work Stations – I love this idea from Container Store. Keep each kid’s items organized.

School Papers when my kids were younger we wanted to keep graded tests and handouts in one place so they wouldn’t get lost. A simple file folder system can really be helpful like this one.

Container Store

Homework Folder – Some teachers and classes do provide binders and folders to put work in. What I find is when they don’t or even if they do it is for each class and work gets misplaced creating unhappy parents and kids. So I always created a folder for our children to have one side be “take-home” and one side “bring back” to school. Literally labeled so no one is confused.

Now my teens need more than just a folder here is our favorite to keep track of homework in one place with multiple classes.



Table Talk with Kids – Table Talk with Kids – Really taking the time for that “Family Meal” is important to us. I don’t allow homework to be all over the table, it is put away while dinner is eaten. I have designed my home to be Family-Friendly and think that it means the family needs to feel at home in the most important places. I feel mealtimes should be one of those places.

But one thing I do think my kids loved when they were younger was to be heard more often at that time and less of Mom and Dad’s time to catch up. What fun times we have and had with our no phones allowed at the table often at that time and it is less of Mom and Dad’s time to catch up. We can do that later in the evening.


Happy Decorating!  Karen

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