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Couples Master Bedroom Retreat – No Kids Allowed

I believe that a couple’s bedrooms shouldn’t have pictures of their kids. I preach this to all my clients and show by example in my own bedroom that only has pictures of my husband and me.

Kid’s pictures tend to be everywhere in a home –  the family/living room, hallways, studies, game rooms and the kid’s rooms to name some. So why do you have to put pictures of your kids in your bedroom too? Why wouldn’t you want to have the story of you as a couple in your own bedroom?


 How to Create Your Own Couples Story


Create a gallery wall of pictures of you, telling your story of your courtship, travels, or just favorite moments.

Love letters are another great way to have the story of you told. I had one letter made into a letterpressed print from minted.com

In my own room, I have a photo of how I see us in the future. This is one my husband took while we were in Spain. They create characters out of paper mache then actually burn them at the end of the day to celebrate the start of spring. This one I call “forever young” and how I hope my husband and I are in the future. The flower is a paper flower I had made from Etsy and frame it in an acrylic frame. My husband’s first way he let me know he loved me was by sending my flowers while he was away on a business trip.


It can be where you are from, I did that for my clients who are from California a more seaside theme in the art and photos of California in their room.

or your favorite places like in this room Paris and New York


We will be celebrating 22 years of marriage on Friday Valentines Day, (link to our 3 wedding story) but I celebrate it every day by telling our story in our master bedroom retreat. (more details about my Master Bedroom here)

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