Marker Girl Monday – A Little Thing Called Procrastination

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A big lesson learned this past week. My kids both had procrastinated on schoolwork creating problems for them. I too had been procrastinating on things and now have more work than I want to have ahead of me. But hearing myself tell them, “If you just get it out of the way first, think about how the rest of you day will go. This is a life skill you are learning and work is the same way.” Made me see my own procrastination – Nothing like listening to your own advice huh!

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So here is my tip I gave my kids and myself. Look at what you have to do and break it up for the day, week, month, year… Then give yourself a time period. If you are struggling always find help.  Since we all don’t have teachers who are grading us which definitely holds you accountable. Try putting it out there before you do it letting your audience, friends, family know. Then you have no choice but do it.


Now it is time for me break through my own procrastination! Got to set the example here.

Happy Everything!


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Marker Girl Monday – Creativity Infusion



Just got back from Dallas, TX attending Tobi Fairley’s Mastermind. Our first speaker was the fabulous Barry Dixon. He was just what I needed. My creativity tank needed an infusion. Barry never  seems to let his creative flow stop. Reminding me to truly stop and look at my surroundings more like I use to when I first started my own business. I think in life we tend to do this at times get caught up in worry, the daily tasks and forget to stop and really enjoy what we are seeing, hearing using all of our senses to enjoy the moment and then inspire us to do something that just makes us happy. A new goal is take a little time each day and do something creative.

Barry Dixon Interiors

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Happy Everything!



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