You can’t do it all

I am not a Magician!

When I was 5, I saw a friend do a magic trick. She held a small rock up to her face and made it disappear. I being “the curious, I know everything” kid had it figured out. So I showed them, took the rock and held it up to my face and put it in my nose like I knew she had done. When I said “Voila”, it disappeared alright, up my nose!!! Then I asked the girl “how did you get it out of your nose?” She replied, “Karen you don’t put things up your nose! I just threw it behind me!” I took the long walk of shame across the black top crying to go see the school nurse and thanks to that crying I sneezed out the small rock.

I just recently thought of that story when I realized I need to outsource a bit more in my life and business. Of course I need a good laugh now and again too! The lesson was sometimes you really need help to learn how to do something or have someone do it for you.

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Are trying to do it all in your life?

Take note of when something is difficult or is causing you pain. See if there is a way to get help or even having someone else do it.

My biggest challenge when I am became a Mom was trying to do it all and then feeling guilty for not feeling like I was spending quality time with my kids. When I was just starting my business my kids were 5 and 2, I hired a teenager to stay in the house with kids so I could get things done. I even had a do not disturb sign on the office door. It took a little adjusting for them and the sitter but it really worked out for me. You don’t even have to have a business to do this. When I wasn’t working, my kids did mother’s day out through a local church a few times a week so I could get more things done like run errands and have personal time, “a little me time” like take a lunch break. This was so I could be present for them when they were home with just me. Taking personal time was hard to do at first, the guilt I felt, but then I saw how much happier my kids, husband and I were from me doing this.

This is just one of the things that I have done to make my life easier. We have to just decide on what is important, being present in our life for ourselves first and then for our family.


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Happy Everything! Karen

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions


ask questions

Lost In Translation
A few years ago while visiting my husband’s family in England, we were invited to go to “The Wood” by old friends of his. I thought to myself “What a clever name for a pub.” So I dressed in my nice white pants, some sandals and a pretty top. I wanted to make a good impression. We head down the road and then stop, before we get to the town, along the side of a hill, where his friends and their kids greet us. Then I’m told “you might do better to jump in the Land Rover with us since we have to go up the hill. It might be bumpy and your car may not make it.” We jump in the Land Rover and go up this hill, that I swear was a mountain, and ended up literally in “the woods”.  It was like a carnival ride that my kids loved.  When we got there it was not open land like I see a campsite being in, just a spot cleared amongst the trees.


I am not the outdoors type so this was not at all what I expected and of course was the funniest thing to my husband who couldn’t stop laughing about my reaction to it all. Did my husband notice that I had nice clothes on, and think I may have not realized we were going on an outdoor adventure? Of course not… By the way, guess who lives right by “The Wood”? Bear Grylls, yep the one on TV that does the Man vs Wild series. It truly felt like I was on the show. I was told “if you have to go to “the Loo” just go behind the bushes over there.” And “pick a rock or stump to sit on by the fire.”  What no chairs? no bathroom?  Yes I was being a bit a diva in my head but I just smiled and didn’t say much. My white pants didn’t fair well that day. I learned that just because I know a little British English it doesn’t mean I understand. Now, I always ask when I am not clear about the name of something. The kids and my husband still have a story that cracks them up about their Mom and “The Wood”.

Funny how things get lost in translation, I find this can happen in anything we do.

How to ask without feeling embarrassed.

One area is when you are having work done in your home. In this industry of home design we use language that is not used every day and at times can confuse the homeowner. My best recommendation is when you are not sure about something ask for clarification.

Just simply say to the person you are working with – I am not a designer or builder can you clarify that for me.

And if you still don’t understand, I find asking to see an example of something is a little easier.

No matter how uncomfortable you feel, always ask! If you don’t ask – you might also get stuck in “The Wood”.


Happy Everything! Karen

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