Holiday Decorating Don’t Overthink


I am an over thinker, trying to become less of one lately. At the end of every year I take two weeks off one to spend with my family during the holidays and another to regroup and focus. But honestly what I end up doing is coming up with more ideas. So what I did this year was to focus on things I needed to finish. Can’t wait for the break to regroup and check more off my list.

Christmas decorating happens to be one of the things I can really overthink. Each year had become an almost entire redo at times. I ended up not quite finishing saying I would finish the next year, only to start overthinking and redoing things that didn’t need to be redone. This year I am using what I have and just adding those few finishing touches to have a complete look. It feels good heading into the holidays this year to just relax and enjoy.

Sharing my favorite finds that can add finishing touches to Holiday decorating.

Holiday Pillows – Easy add that can tie in your current home décor this Holiday season.


Anthropologie / Pier 1 / West Elm (St. Jude)
Horchow / Pottery Barn / Pier 1
Nordstrom / Target / Pier 1

Wreaths – Struggling on what to add to that window or mantel – a pre-made wreath can make easier and simple to complete the look.


Pier 1  / Blog Pier 1
West Elm / Pier 1 / West Elm
Horchow / WS Home / Horchow

Table Settings – This is one area that changing up a bit each season is fun. First look at what you have left over you can incorporate on your table and then add new after. Keeping the redecorating to a minimum.


Crate and Barrel / Pier 1 / Crate and Barrel
Kate Spade (Nordstrom) / Ballard Designs (Bunny Williams)Pier 1
Anthropologie / Ballard Designs (Suzanne Kassler)

Happy Holidays and Happy Everything!



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Don’t Compare When Decorating



One of my favorite books for business is Linchpin by Seth Godin. He talks about “the Lizard Brain”. We have a tendency to want to blend in and hide from standing out. But in order to not be indispensable in your job, you need to find what truly makes you stand out from the rest. It can be something simple like how you work with others or what you bring differently to the business than the rest.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others When Decorating

With holidays here you will be visiting other homes. I find this time of the year is when that lizard brain really kicks in. “Comparison envy”, that wanting to be like everyone else. But what you have to remember they are not you and their look will not be the best for you. You can get ideas and then go home and try your own thing. It can be great motivation if you let it, but don’t let it become envy and make you question your own style.

So when you are decorating work around what you love most about your home. Incorporate colors that bring out the best qualities of your home. So why not celebrate your family and who you are this holiday season.

velvet-stocking-red-with-ivory-cuff-1-oPottery Barn

Happy Everything! Karen

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