Marker Girl Monday – Jumpstart



My 3 ways to jumpstart those Monday Blues…

I actually go straight to itunes and find a few new songs to download and get the party started…


Mix it up – instead of sitting at my desk, I move somewhere else, sometimes outside to plan out how I am going tackle my day.



I make myself get rid of one thing that I have been putting off, then just move on to the fun creative stuff.

katespadeKate Spade


Happy Everything! Karen

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Friday Favorites – FLOR carpet tiles

FLOR Carpet Tiles are so much fun to use in a kids space, a Marker Girl Favorite.

They have fun solids in a variety of colors so you can  make your own design. And, with big messes, you can change squares and not have to replace the whole rug. They’re easy to clean too.


 Cute patterns for a softer look in a baby’s nursery



Mod Sweater for a girl’s room


Making waves in a boy’s bedroom


A bold modern look for a Family Room – easy to maintain


Or a soft and classic sisal


FLOR actually has a wonderful store right here in Houston and several more throughout the U.S. Next Tuesday April 28th, they will be hosting a really great event where you will have a chance to win a free 5×7 rug and have a fun contest to design your own rug #FLORDESIGNCHALLENGE2015 for those that attend. There is also a book signing by “eco-friendly” designer Robin Wilson for her new book Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle; which is based on her passion for “Clean Design” a lifetime commitment, due to her personal struggle with allergies and asthma. Check out more details at her website. Details below about the event and at If you don’t live in the Houston area they will be doing the same at all of the stores.


 Happy Everything! Karen


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