Goal Setting Hangover


Are you like me and have an overachiever attitude about doing things? I am so ready in the New Year to get started and then come up with so many ideas. In the past I would have so many goals that I would suffer from burnout very quickly and really end up with things done half way by the end of the year. I call this a “goal setting hangover”. This year I am going to see more of my own personal goals through, like I do for my clients in getting their homes completed! By setting realistic attainable goals.

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Here are my tips on Goal Setting

  • What I have learned is purge first, write out all that you want to do.
  • Then, go through the list and prioritize what is most important.
  • Set very realistic dates – this is hard to do but you have to be really honest when you do this.
  • Next take the first goal or thing you want to do and write the steps.
  • If you don’t make the deadline for the goal don’t just jump to the next one, stick with that original goal and see it through. Delays happen – Life happens that cause setbacks, and we tend to not set realistic time so don’t let that discourage you.
  • Finally celebrate when you have achieved that goal and enjoy before working on the next one!


This is how I will thrive (my word of the year) and not just survive my year.

Happy Everything! Karen

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My 50th Birthday, My Word of the Year!

stationarybrightI did it! I turned 50. What a journey it has been. My 20’s were spent discovering what I wanted to be, my 30’s discovering what being a wife and mother is about, and my 40’s learning how to be a business owner. All of the people I have met and places I have been is the icing on the cake.


Now I am so looking forward to many more years of love and happiness with family, friends and work. I may have this number of 50 as my age but honestly I don’t see myself over the hill. Just on top of the hill.

Each year I pick a word that will help me reach my goals – my word for 2017 reflects how I am feeling about turning 50.


It is Thrive! This Maya Angelou Quote says it all for me…


It is time for me to really live each day to grow and not just sit around waiting for something better to happen.  I will start making time to take care of myself and well-being. Start doing what I really want to do and make no excuses.  – Turn can’t into can!

It is time to flourish and connect more. Just live every day to share and learn about ways I can improve my life and business. I am ready to kick up a notch.

Bring it on 2017!


I highly recommend picking a word of the year it can really get you focused!

Happy Everything!




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