Marker Girl Monday – Reflection

I think a little reflecting of what you accomplished this past year is a great motivator of what you can do in the new year! So wanted to share with you on what I am reflecting about…


My word of the year for 2014 was Bold. I love doing this every year picking one word that helps me set goals and keeps me motivated.


Here is a recap of keeping true to my word “BOLD”

My biggest was embracing the Marker Girl brand and putting it out there with the renaming and rebranding. Thanks to all of you who have supported me and followed me I couldn’t have done it without all of you!


I showcased my own work through blog my Marker Girl Makeover Series. Sharing my way of designing and how I design….


10346383_10154428409360065_4014720190252584026_nMarker Girl

From that bold move I was featured a few times and it has open more opportunities for me…

studiomakeoversmGo Design Go

CollageFamilyFriendlyHome600House of Turquoise  

 Went to Oprah’s Life Class on my own enjoyed every minute of it…



Shared with everyone a more personal side with my weekend and got retweeted- Oh the little things make me so happy!

Elizabeth Gilbert tweet

What I learned from being bold this past year is that letting go of all of those negative beliefs and really putting myself out there is what I needed to become more authentic and it feels so right.  I also learned that just because I feel a little scared isn’t a good reason to hold myself back on what I want.  Stop comparing myself to others that I am good enough. By sharing my accomplishments even the smallest ones feels so great. I highly recommend it!

You are worth it quotes


Stay tuned for my 2015 word of the year I will be sharing with you next Monday. I am so looking forward to it!

Happy Everything!



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Family Friendly-Make Room for Santa’s Toys

It’s that time of the year at least here where some purging of toys starts to happen. I tell my kids if you want a new one, then one has to be given away. They are willing especially when I tell them it will be given to a child who really needs it.

kidstoysMartha Stewart

93b103b5fa27ccfc356de428f2a5e13bParents Magazine


I also like to reorganize their toys a bit as well. Here are some great ideas on how to organize their rooms..

My first thing to do is designate zones like reading, types of toys sections, and art areas.

etsy greek street team

There is nothing like good bins to put toys in and labeling them so that it easier for your child to put them back

Workman Family

Decorating them with fun colors and keeping with the scheme creates a nice asethetic

Inspired Whims


Lacking storage areas sometimes have custom pieces built-ins can be a solution


i heart organizing

Or disguising an area in your home

Real Simple

Happy Decorating!

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