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Mom Central Spaces At Home

When working with Moms I like to walk through their current home and see how each room functions for them. I like to see what areas function for the family and where Mom keeps important items like school papers, a family calendar… What I found they tend to be a bit all over the house. So I like to always consider creating an area I like to call “Mom Central”.  An area that Mom can keep a close eye on her daily activities and the kids. One that doesn’t force her to be all over the house to keep things organized. An area where she can read, be on her computer or plan.

Do you have a central area where things are done in your home? If not and you are using your kitchen table or feel overwhelmed with keeping it all straight, I highly recommend trying to create a space or area where you can have it organized.


If you are considering using a family space like a study make sure it works for you as well as your family.

Here is a study I designed for a Mom that needed a space that was mostly for her but husband would use from time to time. We created a nice built-in that gave her the storage she needed for papers and supplies. Also giving her nice bookshelves to display her favorite things books, accessories, and family photos. Turquoise was the color choice to add a touch of fun to the “Mom Central” space and giving her a slightly more feminine feel.


Here are a few more options if you don’t have a study to create your Mom Central space.

Are you limited with space?  Make it your own with a desk tucked away in a room in a nice area that is slightly away from the high traffic areas in your house. Then why not give it your own personal style, a mom only area.

Marker Girl Home Studio DeskMarker Girl

Or if you are the one in your home doing a lot of the household activities and want to keep a close eye on the kids… consider an area off from the kitchen.

Kitchen Desk Area Marker Girl HomeMarker Girl

If you have a very small home and limited space. How about a secretary with a chair in the family room that can be placed to the side of it when closed. One that can house papers, the things that you need to keep the family organized.

Pottery Barn 

Or a fun leaning desk in that corner that you weren’t sure what to do with.

Crate and Barrel

Whatever you do make it your own, something you enjoy. Because if Mom isn’t happy the family isn’t happy!

Happy Decorating! Karen

Kind words from my client:

We hired Karen for her complete interior design service to redo our office. Karen is not only kind, professional, listens well, and comes in on budget, her work is amazing. She truly captured the look and feel we had in our minds while also pushing us to look at things just a little bit differently. Our office is the first space anyone sees as they enter our home, and we are now so proud to have people over and show it off. I would recommend Karen to anyone in the Houston area – she is really amazing! Alyse – Houston, TX


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