Three Quick Tips on Choosing Upholstered Furniture

Here are 3 quick tips to consider and look for when shopping for upholstered furniture…

1) Plan Ahead 
Make sure you have planned out your layout to know what size pieces  you will need before shopping. You can use software out there, but good old fashion graph paper can work just as well; 1 square = 1 foot. Cut out basic shapes to represent the furniture and move them around to determine your layout and size.

2) Have Colors in Mind
If there is a piece in the room that you are keeping like a rug or a favorite piece of art, definitely work with it as a guide to your color palette. Most importantly, make sure the furniture fabrics go with your current flooring and other finishes like trim and built-in cabinetry that are already there.

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3) Be Seated
That’s the only way to tell if the sofa or chair you’re considering is the one for you. Test that the height, angle of the back and depth of the seat that are suited to your size. Also check for softness and resiliency. Choose the feel that pleases you and matches your needs.  You can also use a chair in your home that you find is the right size to get a head start on your shopping with overall dimensions and use this method if you are not able to sit in the chair/sofa that you want to purchase. This lets you know what size is your best fit.

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  1. Annika Larson on June 12, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    Right now, I am looking to refurbish my home with some modern furniture. Specifically, I am looking for some upholstered chairs for our front room. As you said, it’s important to make sure that if there are any pieces you are keeping, like a rug or art piece, that you use this to coordinate the color palette. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  2. anniecornman on July 27, 2017 at 1:46 am

    Thanks for posting such a nice branded furniture resources till now i seen so many branded furniture but that ar not good to see what you kept it is nice to see. I am looking for some upholstered chairs for our front room. As you said, it’s important to make sure that if there are any pieces you are keeping, like a rug or art piece, that you use this to co-ordinating the color much thanks for u sharing these type of tips etc……..

  3. Callum Palmer on August 16, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    It really does help to take the article’s advice to try and choose your furniture’s upholstery based on the room where it will be set up. For example, if you have white walls in your living room then you might want to choose a couch that compliments them. Of course, you also want to make sure that, whichever upholstery you choose, it is easy to clean up if a mess is made on it.

  4. gloria durst on October 10, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I agree that the color of upholstery is important to consider. It would make sense to find something that can match the rest of your home. I’m looking for an upholstery service, so I’ll have to consider the color of it.

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