Family Friendly Fun Outdoor Spaces

It is hot this summer… Outdoor spaces are must during those summer months. Wanted to share with you how to create your own family friendly outdoor space…

For a beautiful shaded accent a great awning is a nice touch

Photo from V Interiors Blogspot

Front Porch appeal on a balcony or back patio, outdoor fabric drapes a must!

Photo from Coastal

Lots of fun with this water feature.. if you are considering one why not make it family friendly

Aquapark SplashPad

For those of you with little ones  an outdoor bed a great piece to lounge outside with them.. This is my dream piece…

photo from Frontgate

For a really playful kids space in your garden or yard love this design…

Photo from NZ Ezine

While this particular area is set up for a beach house. I can definitely see a space that has a mudroom outside.

Photo from Veranda

Happy Decorating!



  1. yard globes on July 8, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    These spaces are awesome! I especially like the kid’s space. I am a retired teacher and I can see many opportunities for learning in that space. I also love the aquapark SplashPad. How fun for the kids.

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