Mud Rooms That Work

Getting back into the routine is always challenging for back to school; I find a lot of the time it is because spaces in our homes are dysfunctional. Each summer when my kids were young, I focused on areas of our home that I felt needed to change.

One very important area is the space where your kids put their shoes, coats, and backpacks. Thought I would share with you a few different ways you can create a mudroom in your home. A mudroom that works for you!

Different Entrances Mudrooms

My mudroom is in my laundry room. It is intended to house our jackets for winter and rain. As well as a few accessories, umbrellas and my tote I prepare the night before I am going to a job site. When I designed this space, it was a big clean out of all my family’s clutter and a nice clean-up of the back door mudroom. Out with old in with new for jackets and accessories.

Marker Girl

My daughter’s backpack and shoes are stored in the wheeled basket and shelf we have in a storage closet that was supposed to be a coat closet by our front door. We replaced the hang bar for storage shelves in the coat closet to just store those items. The reason why we opted for the mudroom section by the back door where the garage is attached to our house is that she is the only person that walks in the front door when she comes from and goes to school.

This was a great find at Pottery Barn it is actually a recycling bin but fits those few pairs of shoes worn daily and is a great storage piece to house them. It kept the shoes off the floor and was easy to put away from guests seeing them.  A whole 5 feet, what a workout for my kids. 🙂

Pottery Barn

Entryway Mudroom

When creating an entry mudroom, try not to clutter it up. In this family home, I built all of the storage on the door side and created a soft bench area as the focal point with family photos to give it a more open look.

Marker Girl

Back Door Mudrooms

To keep clutter down to a minimum, consider closed storage for some areas of the space to hide it all away. Like I designed in this family-friendly home in Houston.


Marker Girl

I really like the idea of wallpaper for the space to give it texture and just add a shelf since space can be limited. A beautifully designed mudroom and a great way to have a coat hanging area.

Marker Girl Modern Family Remodel

Small Space Mudrooms

Pottery Barn has a great assortment of small furniture for those of you who need an entry or backdoor piece.

Pottery Barn

Container Store

Check out more ideas for mudrooms on our Pinterest Board!

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you.  I only refer to furnishings that I would use myself and recommend to clients!

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