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When I lived in Paris it was a must to have fresh flowers. I learned to appreciate them and was given a few tips how to arrange them as well.  I think flowers add a fresh accent to a room, especially with a simple presentation in a vase.

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With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend I thought I would share with you a few quick tips on simple flower arranging.

Here is how to make a simple flower arrangement!

When you first get them try to see where they best look in the room and what height you might want them.

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Invest in a nice pair of pruners, they are best for cutting

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When cutting – try not to keep them out of the water too long

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Use a vase that has been cleaned with soap and water

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Remove all  leaves that are under the water, leaves can pollute the water. Use a rubber band to hold them together to keep it tight.

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Cutting them down close to the top of vase is a great way to create a simple and fun arrangement. Also see if a non-clear glass vase might look better. 

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Happy Everything!  Karen

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