Family Friendly-Make Room for Toys

It’s that time of the year at least here where some purging of toys starts to happen. I tell my kids if you want a new one, then one has to be given away. They are willing especially when I tell them it will be given to a child who really needs it. I also like to reorganize their toys a bit as well. Here are some great ideas on how to organize their rooms..

My first thing to do is designate zones like reading, types of toys sections, and art areas.

etsy greek street team

There is nothing like good bins to put toys in and labeling them so that it is easier for your child to put them back

Workman Family

Decorating them with fun colors and keeping with the scheme creates a nice asethetic

Inspired Whims

Lacking storage areas sometimes have custom pieces built-ins can be a solution

evan-and-emma-comfy-spots2 copy

Marker Girl

Or disguising an area in your home

i heart organizing

Happy Decorating!


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