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Marker Girl Monday – Opposites are Complementary


Whenever anyone meets my husband and I they immediately see that we are quite different in personality. He is introverted and calm. I am extroverted and energetic.  It was confirmed when I recently was at a continuing education workshop with Tobi Fairley. They had us take a Briggs Meyers personality test. One I had taken before and my husband too for business. They had this slide of my personality spreading the rainbow love on another type. I knew and confirmed that my husband is that type. . We had a good laugh when I showed him this.


Unlike the illustration above. I have learned to give it in small amounts. We are a good mix. We complement each other.  I have learned that surrounding myself around people that aren’t exactly like me is so much more fun than trying to find the perfect match.

In interior design there is a color theory called “Complementary” where opposite colors on the color wheel create a wonderful color scheme for a space.  Getting the balance of colors is really what makes it work. Funny how life and art co-inside.

When working on a color palette for your home keep the idea of complementary in mind and let what pleases your eye make your final choice.

Here is an example-  In this space the orange is more of a coral which is reddish-orange and the blue is more greenish-blue. These are opposites creating a complement.  Since they are the same hue and tone they have balance.

blue and orangeThibaut via Decor Pad

Happy Everything!





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