Friday Favorites – Kid Friendly Coffee Table Ideas For Your Home

Here are my top picks for Kid-Friendly coffee tables…

Having a table that has a weathered look is ideal. It doesn’t show those scratches and little nicks that happen over time with a busy household.

crateandbarrelCrate and Barrel

Also when you have really young ones going with a round is best no head bumps.



WS Home

A little more modern Stone Top

stonetopWest Elm

 If you want a more customized look there is nothing like an upholstered ottoman. Fabrics are key here.. Just a couple examples to get you thinking.

–   Vinyl is low maintenance. Quick tip run your fingernail on your fabric swatch to see if it shows scratches. This will let you know if it passes the kid-friendly test.

Marker Girl

Other option would be using an indoor/outdoor fabric with pattern

Marker Girl Family RoomMarker Girl

Or a vinyl top option with a pattern on the bottom

Tobi Fairley

Happy Everything!




  1. Sherry H on February 24, 2012 at 9:24 am

    love all your pics and advice .Where are you located?

  2. […] Ottomans are generally soft enough for safe encounters with little heads, they are great rest stations for cruising toddlers and they look a lot better than regular coffee tables outfitted with corner protectors. And in researching this trick, I learned that it’s recommended by the The Nest and TLC’s Parentables, as well as a host of home design blogs including Home Stories A to Z, the Oh Joy blog and The Adventures of Marker Girl. […]

  3. Jennifer Saranow Schultz on September 16, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Karen, I agree that there’s nothing like an ottoman when it comes to a child-friendly coffee table. We used an ottoman and removeable tray strategy, which I featured (along with your blog post) in a post on my blog today:

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