Marker Girl Makeover – My Office pt 1

Today’s feature is about my design studio that happens to be an office in my home. I will be featuring the complete makeover all this month.

office makeoversm

When I first moved into the side garage a few years back.  I had Ikea furniture and needed some added cabinetry, so I hired my custom cabinet person Paul Bjork to build pieces to go with Ikea pieces I was using. I found a great glass company S Bumbera to work with me on a design for the cabinetry. I was happy with the change a great custom makeover but within a couple of years felt tired of the dark color and my new brand didn’t really go with it.

So fast forward to this year.  I opted to paint it white to create a happy and light space. One that motivated me and energized me, but still keeping the beautiful work that had been done before. Painted the walls this fun color Dreamy White 6021 from Sherwin Williams, it has a lavender feel to it but when the sun is really shining in the room it turns a soft pink.

 Home Office Interior Designer Marker Girl By Karen Davis

I found a great desk through my local wholesaler Elizabeth Cole.  My cabinet person and upholsterer help me create a beautiful inspiration board. I am investing a lot in my house right now so this is one of those of spaces I opted for a little high | low decorating with my office to complete the space.

Marker Girl Interior Design Studio Desk


Marker Girl Studio Design Board

The next thing I needed was more storage and had been seeing some wonderful Ikea Hacks and thought why not give it a try… Stayed tuned next week will be showing how my husband and son created an Ikea hack I love

Marker Girl Design Studio Bookcases


Happy Everything!






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  4. Sabrina on June 10, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    We recently moved into a home and I have no idea where to start to make a traditional home more contemporary. We have some beautiful family pieces that I would like to keep but am really tired of the dark wood look. We have very young kids (oldest kid is 1st grade, then kindergartener, two toddlers) so need something to be sturdy but still stylish. I would like to meet for a consultation to see if it is possible to have a contemporary-ish look in a home with kids with a budget knowing that things will need to be replaced. How is that for a daunting project?! 🙂 Look forward to meeting you! Thank you in advance!

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