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How to Arrange Books on a Bookshelves

One of the most asked questions I get from clients is  “how do I arrange books so they look nice and not look like a hot mess?” It depends on the function, some people don’t actually read most of them and use them for display. While others really do want a library of books to reference and read. Here are a few ways I like to arrange books.

Alternating books and accessories and switching directions can help when you aren’t filling the shelf entirely with books

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For the true library and book lover try to give your shelves a little breathing space… add a few baskets for photo storage, hang a piece of art directly on the shelves and display a few family treasures. These will all give your bookcase a little more depth and personality.

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Shelving on a  wall – place your books on most of the shelves keeping a series or similar sizes together

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With technology now eliminating a larger collection of books more and more people are using them as decorative… A quick trick a client and I just did… went to a budget book store and removed the paper covers finding the hard covers are solid so you can choose one color or a variety

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