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New Year Resolutions… You always have good intentions to start off the New Year with a plan, like decorating your home but you seem to never quite get it completed… Here is my take on it. Set your goals small especially when decorating your home. We all want it done now, fast and finished. But by taking time on creating a space and not the whole house is a win-win situation. Stop apologizing and turn on those lights! If you are constantly apologizing and sit in the dark, it is a sign that it is time to start the process of redoing that room.

5 reasons I hear homeowners say why they never quite finish that decorating project…


Fear of making a mistake that you will have to live with it. I want you to look at your house right now and find the things you like… (No looking at the wrong) go on do it and I bet your mindset will change to – I can do this.



I just don’t know if I have the money? Set a budget, then write out what you want in the room. Go online and price items you may like, not necessarily ones that create the design. This is so you can just get an idea of the cost… Then add it up and see if the budget side matches the want side. If you are okay, then this isn’t an excuse. If it is over budget rethink. Some pieces may have to stay until you have the funds to buy what you want. Other options would be, using your own photos as artwork, painting the coffee table a color, adding new throw pillows and changing the paint color.


I am not sure where to start? If there is a piece you know you want to keep or you find a rug or piece of furniture you just have to have… There is your starting point.

Liberty Rug  – Photo from Horchow


My family will just mess it up anyway so what’s the point. Then bring the outdoors in if you have a Marker Person/s in your life. Think about the room as your outdoor oasis. Start by looking at outdoor furnishings and stain resistant materials. Design casual but add color and pattern to create a real energy that makes you happy.


Color makes me nervous. Take a deep breath and start off with a little color. Golden tans or a taupe brown can be a start. If you like white walls then have fun with art and accessories. It is a good way to start introducing color in your life. I promise once you start you won’t be able to go back….

Marker Girl Home



Happy Decorating!




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