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You can't do it all

I am not a Magician!

When I was 5, I saw a friend do a magic trick. She held a small rock up to her face and made it disappear. I being “the curious, I know everything” kid had it figured out. So I showed them, took the rock and held it up to my face and put it in my nose like I knew she had done. When I said “Voila”, it disappeared alright, up my nose!!! Then I asked the girl “how did you get it out of your nose?” She replied, “Karen you don’t put things up your nose! I just threw it behind me!” I took the long walk of shame across the black top crying to go see the school nurse and thanks to that crying I sneezed out the small rock.

I just recently thought of that story when I realized I need to outsource a bit more in my life and business. Of course I need a good laugh now and again too! The lesson was sometimes you really need help to learn how to do something or have someone do it for you.

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Are trying to do it all in your life?

Take note of when something is difficult or is causing you pain. See if there is a way to get help or even having someone else do it.

My biggest challenge when I am became a Mom was trying to do it all and then feeling guilty for not feeling like I was spending quality time with my kids. When I was just starting my business my kids were 5 and 2, I hired a teenager to stay in the house with kids so I could get things done. I even had a do not disturb sign on the office door. It took a little adjusting for them and the sitter but it really worked out for me. You don’t even have to have a business to do this. When I wasn’t working, my kids did mother’s day out through a local church a few times a week so I could get more things done like run errands and have personal time, “a little me time” like take a lunch break. This was so I could be present for them when they were home with just me. Taking personal time was hard to do at first, the guilt I felt, but then I saw how much happier my kids, husband and I were from me doing this.

This is just one of the things that I have done to make my life easier. We have to just decide on what is important, being present in our life for ourselves first and then for our family.


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Happy Everything! Karen


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