Family Friendly Friday-Giving Thanks to Family

Is there a childhood favorite memory you have during the holidays? A favorite dish, saying, or just sharing stories about those times. For me it was my Maw-Maw’s potato salad a simple recipe that I have the honor of passing down to my kids. I even inherited the bowl, it was always served in – for which I now serve to my family during holidays. It is my way to give thanks to her!

My grandmother’s bowl

Here are a few more ideas to honor those who are and aren’t with us and just feel the joy you did when you were young.

Love this idea, photographs of family integrated in the centerpiece, with a pear as the place holder….

Country Living

These napkin rings will inspire a look down memory lane and serve as place markers too.

If you want to make a new tradition, why not try this idea from One Charming party. Place cards where the guest writes what they are thankful wouldn’t it be fun to now see what you would have written when you were little.

One Charming

Another new  idea for a Thanksgiving tradition with trivia quizzes that will have your family members laughing and reminiscing.

template available at Martha Stewart

And check this great idea from Tip Junkie…
What better time to let someone you know you love and appreciate them, than this season?  Use these “Giving Thanks” gift labels from Parties by Hardie to show your friends and neighbors you are thinking of them!  There are so many possibilities to package something from the heart with these printables.  Cookies or soup in a jar?  Mini bread loaves?  Homemade cookies? Or just a surprise in a  bag?

Tip Junkie

Happy Decorating!


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